Anchoria Mutual Funds Prices

September 28th, 2023:    Anchoria Equity Fund: BID/ OFFER: 181.2096/183.6426    Anchoria Fixed Income Fund: BID/ OFFER: 1.2768/1.2768|    Anchoria Money Market Fund: BID/ OFFER: 100/ 100 (9.6100% Yield)

Month: October 2022

September Inflation Report

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), headline inflation in Nigeria came in at 20.77% YoY in September, 0.25% points higher than 20.52% YoY recorded in August. This marks the ninth consecutive increase since the start of the year.Click the link below to read the full report.

September 2022 Post MPC Note – The AAM Report

In arriving at its decision, the Committee weighed various economic developments, including the weakening global output due to supply chain disruptions worsened by the Russia-Ukraine war. This, along with COVID-19 lockdown in China, persisting global inflationary pressures, tightening financial conditions owing to broad-based aggressive policy, capital flow reversals in emerging markets and its consequent upward …

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