Anchoria Mutual Funds Prices

February 23rd,    Anchoria Equity Fund: BID/ OFFER: 227.1058/229.5106    Anchoria Fixed Income Fund: BID/ OFFER: 1.2134/1.2134|    Anchoria Money Market Fund: BID/ OFFER: 100/ 100 (11.18% Yield)

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About The AnchoriaAM Academy

The AnchoriaAM Academy  is a program that provides internships to students in their final and/or penultimate year. The curriculum offers the opportunity, experience, and exposure necessary for developing a professional career in Investment and Finance. At AnchoriaAM, our training methods are interactive and hands-on.

Our Mission

To equip students with the skills required to operate in a world-class business environment.

How to apply

  • Upload a 30 secs video on Instagram and tag @Anchoriaam. State why you’ll like to be a part of The AnchoriaAm Academy and what you hope to learn from the experience.

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