Anchoria Mutual Funds Prices

November 29th , 2023:    Anchoria Equity Fund: BID/ OFFER: 182.8767/185.2759    Anchoria Fixed Income Fund: BID/ OFFER: 1.2366/1.2366|    Anchoria Money Market Fund: BID/ OFFER: 100/ 100 (9.1900% Yield)

Mutual Fund Performance Report – April 2022

The Anchoria Money Market Fund delivered a Gross Return of 6.90% (5.90% net of charges), surpassing its benchmark by c.383bps in April. System liquidity contracted during the month, considering the absence of coupon payments and maturity proceeds. As such, the Open repo and Overnight rates rose by 7.75% and 7.50% from 4.50% and 5.00% to 12.25% and 12.50%, respectively

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