Anchoria Mutual Funds Prices

April 16th, 2024    Anchoria Equity Fund: BID/ OFFER: 222.0141/224.6587    Anchoria Fixed Income Fund: BID/ OFFER: 1.1934/1.1934|    Anchoria Money Market Fund: BID/ OFFER: 100/ 100 (13.58% Yield)

Product & Services

Our diverse product and service offerings ensure that you have the financial freedom you deserve. We offer a product that fits your lifestyle, whether it’s low, medium, or high risk.

Anchoria Money Market Fund

Enjoy investment flexibility, competitive returns, capital preservation and a steady income with the Anchoria Money market plan

Anchoria Eurobond Linked Note

The Anchoria Eurobond Linked Note allows you diversify your income by investing in different Sovereign and Corporate Eurobonds

Fixed Term Deposit

With the Anchoria Fixed Term Deposit, you can invest your funds for a specific period and earn quality returns at the end of the investment tenure.

Portfolio Management

Our team of investment professionals have an extensive understanding of the local markets and can identify investment opportunities with competitive returns for portfolio clients.