Liquidity Management

Earn interest with unlimited access to short term funds. With Anchoria Asset Management, no fund is little to invest


We provide efficient liquidity management service to individual, corporate and institutional clients.

We offer individual, corporate and institutional clients the opportunity to earn competitive interest on their short-term idle funds which they will have unlimited access to, with no penalty charges.

We aim to be our clients’ most valued asset by providing them with optimal wealth management solutions with the end goal of sustaining and improving their financial well-being.


  • Minimum investment amount of N50million
  • Redemption is allowed without any charges (24-hour notice period required).
  • Tenor is between 1 and 30 days.
  • Gross return between 6 – 8% Per annum.
  • Easy liquidity management.
  • Competitive returns.
  • Easy exit option.
  • Flexibility of investment.

Mutual Funds Anchoria



BID / Offer

1.13 / 1.13


BID / Offer

133.28 / 134.93


BID / Offer

100 / 100 (7.84 Yield)

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