Multi-Family Office

Family wealth & legacy are managed with dedication & expertise.

Our multi-family office supports families with the management, organisation and maintenance of their wealth.

Our multi-family office supports families with a wide range of services, bespoke wealth and investment management strategies to safeguard and increase their wealth. We are dedicated to helping our clients build, nurture and sustain wealth with ease. We act as the custodians of investment information, providing clients with a consolidated report on their investments with various institutions.

Mutual Funds Anchoria



BID / Offer

1.14 / 1.14


BID / Offer

139.63 / 141.39


BID / Offer

100 / 100 (8.72% Yield)


  • Wealth planning and administration service.
  • Asset performance monitoring.
  • Expert Investment Advice.
  • Risk management.
  • Minimum of one-year subject to a renewal.

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