Structured Products

We offer a profitable investment plan with well-structured products that suit our clients’ lifestyle


We provide investors with the opportunity to invest in diversified, high yield, carefully selected corporate and government issued asset classes designed to facilitate highly customized risk-return objectives.

Our structured products are managed by our risk and investment management experts embedded and operating in our day-to-day investment activities.


  • Investment can be in Naira or Foreign Currency
  • Easy exit option
  • Varying tenors
  • Flexibility of investment
  • Diversified pool of investment, thereby reducing issuer and concentration risks
  • Can be used as a savings plan towards specific events

Mutual Funds Anchoria



BID / Offer

1.14 / 1.14


BID / Offer

139.63 / 141.39


BID / Offer

100 / 100 (8.72% Yield)

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