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Anchoria Wealth Management

Anchoria Wealth Management provides comprehensive wealth management products and services to high net worth and ultra-high net worth Nigerians living both in Nigeria and abroad. Our focus is to provide a comprehensive financial plan/solution to our clients and their families for the purpose of helping them achieve their life goals of wealth preservation, enhancement/consolidation as well as a smooth inter-generational transfer of wealth. It involves Investment management, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning and other services.

Our Services

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Portfolio Management Service

This involves working with our clients to create a bespoke portfolio specifically tailored to their needs based on their risk profile, investment horizon and their investment objectives. We will combine traditional assets across multi currencies and alternative investments such as real estate and private equity to assist our clients meet their investment objectives.

This service can be discretionary where a dedicated portfolio manager takes all the investment decisions, or non-discretionary where our clients are involved in the investment decision making process and must give the go ahead for the execution of investment decisions.

Securities Trading

This service provides a platform where our clients who are looking to access global securities such as equities, fixed income and international currency and other opportunities meet their investment objectives and make their investment decisions themselves. We provide access for them to access securities on major exchanges across the world.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is an integral aspect of building and maintaining wealth. It is an important tool in safeguarding against financial structures that may result in double taxation or are not tax efficient or compliant with either the current legislation or the relevant jurisdiction.

Through our professional partnerships, we will provide guidance and recommendations to assist you in managing a wide range of personal and corporate tax issues. This is applicable if you have international private or business interest that span different tax authorities.

Trust and Estate Planning

Through our professional partnerships, we provide professional estate planning services through setting up of structures that ensure wealth preservation and asset protection, executorship roles in wills and testaments, facilitation of offshore trusts and establishment of foundations and charitable trusts.

Retirement Planning

This service involves assessing our clients’ preparedness to retire, anticipating and identifying the actions to be taken to improve their level of preparedness. We assist them in developing and implementing detailed financial plans that ensure they can maintain their pre-retirement standard of living and fund their desired lifestyle.

Investment in Second Citizenship/Residency (Relocation Planning)

Through our professional partnerships, we provide this service for our clients who are looking either to restructure their international business or simply acquiring a second residency and/or citizenship (second passport) by investment. This service will provide our clients with freedom/ease of travel, business/investment opportunities, etc:

Personal & Business Loans

For our clients who is looking to access personal or business loans such as mortgages either for the purchase of real estate locally or abroad etc, we can assist them in obtaining the facilities through our partnerships with local and offshore lending institutions.

Concierge Services

For our clients with busy lifestyles who do not mind entrusting the planning of their day to day itinerary, our concierge services will provide assistance service like household management, lifestyle management, transportation, travel and vacation planning, and other specialized services.

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