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100 / 100 (7.84 Yield)

AAM provides individuals and institutions an opportunity to make extra income by tailoring active products that focus on capital preservation while providing income and asset class diversification.

The minimum investment value differs for each investment. For each product you are interested in, you will be told the minimum investment amount for that product.

We work with individuals, families, and institutions who seek professional wealth management and financial planning services. Our clients range from ordinary individuals and families to those with specific wealth management needs.

For example;

  1. If a family is considering the sales of a business, we can help with the pre-and post-sale wealth management planning and portfolio management.
  2. Busy entrepreneurs and professionals who understand the benefits of having a financial plan and enlisting skilled professionals to manage their investment portfolios are another example of clients we help.
  3. Surviving spouses who need help managing proceeds from estates are also among the types of clients we serve.
  4. Finally, we can manage trusts created through estates and charitable foundations.

No. We do not have a minimum account size. Some clients may prefer to hire us on an hourly basis or for comprehensive financial planning services instead of hiring us for wealth management services.

Yes. Most client portfolios are a product of our very personal, financial planning process. We create a mix of various asset class instruments for your portfolio, and we rebalance your portfolio to make sure the allocations stay in balance with your financial plan. As your life situation changes, we revise your financial plan and may recommend adjustments to your portfolio so that your investments are appropriately allocated.

We believe all our clients can benefit from low-cost and high yielding investments which is why we diversify investments in high yielding investment vehicles like treasury bills, commercial papers, stocks, fixed income etc.

Our management system features consistent interaction with each client. As events transpire, we keep you fully apprised of the performance of your investment portfolio via SMS, phone calls, emails or physical meetings if necessary. We ensure to always update your personal financial plan and make sure your plan is consistent with your financial objectives and risk profile.

You will receive quarterly reports detailing your portfolio holdings, asset allocation, and performance summary. We are available for discussions with your tax adviser. Quarterly statements are provided by the custodian of your account, along with transaction confirmations on purchases and sales. Of course, information on your investment is available 24/7 on your Client Portal.

If you need stable monthly income, we can set up periodic distributions into your registered account, or funds wired as needs arise.

Our services come with a management fee which will be disclosed.

To open an account, click here to download all necessary documents. After you have filled application form, you can send the documents including a proof of identity and a proof of address to Anchoria Asset Management to [email protected].


After we receive your application form, we will determine your investment and risk profile. In case there are no further questions, you will receive your account details within five (5) business days.

We are open 8 a.m. to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

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