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Anchoria Asset Management (AAM) provides individuals and institutions an opportunity to make extra income by tailoring active investment products that focus on capital preservation.

Simply download SEEDs by AnchoriaAM on your Google play or Apple store. Signup in 3mins, fund your account, invest in your preferred product on the app.

The minimum investment value differs for each product. However, the least investment amount is ₦5,000 for our mutual funds product.

Yes. Most client portfolios are a product of our very personal, financial planning process. We create a mix of various asset class instruments for your portfolio, and we rebalance your portfolio to make sure the allocations stay in balance with your financial plan. As your life situation changes, we revise your financial plan and may recommend adjustments to your portfolio so that your investments are appropriately allocated.

We believe all our clients can benefit from low-cost and high yielding investments which is why we diversify investments in high yielding investment vehicles like Treasury bills, Commercial papers, Stocks, Fixed income etc.

With the SEEDs app, you can simply click the redeem button on your portfolio. You investment will be liquidated and your bank account credited between 24-48hrs.

We are open 8 a.m. to 4.00pm from Monday to Thursday.

SEEDs is Anchoria’s user-friendly mobile application for investing. It is built to deliver seamless digital investment experience with a bouquet of functionalities for all users. You can open investment accounts, manage portfolios, monitor your investments.
  • Ease of investing
  • Real time access to your investment
  • Instant funds transfer and investment purchase
  • Privacy for all transactions
  • Secure means of transacting

It can be downloaded from your mobile App stores

 Follow the steps below;

  • Download the app here
  • Select sign up

To fund your wallet,

  • Log onto the SEEDs mobile app
  • Click the fund button and follow the prompt.

To invest, kindly follow the process below;

  • Log onto the SEEDS mobile app
  • Fund your wallet if you do not already have funds in your account.
  • Click on your preferred investment option and follow the prompt.

All charges are advised before payment is initiated and paid directly to the service providers.

Yes, it is. All transaction codes and passwords set, are known to you only. This is in addition to other security measures we have put in place.

Yes. You can download the new mobile app and login on to any smart phone or mobile device. However, we advise that all caution be applied.

Kindly send an email to [email protected] or call +234-818-889-9455 to deactivate your device.

For username or password: Simply log in, click on forgot password/username and follow the steps. For PIN: At the point of the transaction where PIN is requested, click on forgot PIN and follow the prompt You can also send an email to [email protected] or call +234-818-889-9455.

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